Revolutionary Radiance ~ A 7 Week Journey of Awakening to Your Authentic Beauty, True Power and Radical Self Love


"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
˜ Howard Thurman

I am absolutely ecstatic to be sharing my world wide program for the Awakening Woman!

This 7 week journey will be with an intimate gathering of sisters. We will be meeting every week for 75 minutes on Spreecast (a form of livestreaming where we can interact) so the depth of connectedness and transmission will be powerful. All sessions will be recorded and viewable at any time so no worries if you aren't able to make it live.

The next luscious round of Revolutionary Radiance will begin Thursday, May 7th and complete on Thursday, June 18th with weekly SpreeCast gatherings from 12-1:15pm Pacific time.

Each of you will have an initial one on one 60 minute Connection & Activation Session via Skype or phone with me within the first 2 weeks of the program as well as a one-on-one 60 minute session at the end of the program to celebrate and anchor in your transformation. These sessions are a very rare opportunity to work privately with me outside of my 3 and 6 month coaching programs and VIP days.

The program includes PDFs, rich training videos and audio recordings to bring forth the teachings you will be exploring as well as a closed Facebook group to deepen your connections and growth.

Revolutionary Radiance is a powerful program where you are the leader in your own revolution. You will be supported in coming home to your true self where all the wisdom, creativity, beauty and passion required for the life of your dreams reside. Join women all across the world as you awaken to profound self-love and passionate living and together take a stand for love, freedom and joy.

It is my deep soul passion to support women like you to:

This program is limited to 15 women who are ready to deepen their transformation and root passionately into their lives and is expected to fill quickly so be bold in your desires!

Your Investment in your luscious self ˜
$497 paid in full or $550 in 2 payments

I invite you to pour your love and resources into coming fully ALIVE as an embodied woman, to shed away self doubt, shame or confusion that stands in the way of your greatest life. You know you are here for great magic and is the time to claim it!

For a deeper feel of our journey together please visit and/or email me with curiosities and questions at

Here are some juicy testimonials from women who have played in the awakening realms with me...

"Revolutionary Radiance is more than a program, it is an experience. Renee provided tools, resources and transmissions to help us deepen into our own sensuality in ways I never knew existed. She also created a sacred space for us to explore, let go and challenge our own upper limits. There were times where I got stuck in my own stuff and was afraid to dig deeper, but Renee respected where I was and provided the supportive nudging to allow me to progress forward in my journey. One key example is that I had been searching a long time to find my church home and in one of our private sessions I had this revelation that I already found my church home. Spirit lives inside of me not inside a church and that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I could literally feel the energy flow and tingle through my body as I spoke the words out loud. This is just one of many miraculous revelations I experienced through engaging in this amazing journey. I will take the tools I learned with me and use them regularly to continue to nurture my divine feminine nature."
˜ Jen Bugajsky
Health and Body Relationship Coach

"Renee holds space with such sacred loving support that I was able to access and release energy blockages that were keeping me stuck in limitation and emotional pain. She helped me to awaken and embrace my authentic feminine nature as a Woman of the Goddess totally Empowered! Our work together opened me to feel and embody aliveness and celebrate sensual pleasure in a most beautiful way. Thank you Renee for sharing your wisdom of the Sacred Feminine with me. A beautiful empowering Shamanic Priestess you are!"
˜ Maryanne Savino
Womb Priestess and Ritual Temple Dancer

Abby "When I met Renee I was a twenty-four year old hippy chick, exploring various paths to enlightenment. I had been introduced to the concept of "The Goddess" through full moon ladies' gatherings and it was through these circles I met Renee. She brought a whole new depth of understanding to the women that evening. She spoke of surrender and expansion, opening our hearts and connection to Source. She shared with us her primary vehicle of uncovering these wisdoms - The practice of Tantric Dance. Through this Art and Technology, Renee had developed into a "Goddess" herself, carrying deep compassion, natural beauty, nobility, nurturing Mother energy and serenity; characteristics of many goddesses from diverse cultures throughout time. I sat in awe of her presence that night and jumped at the invitation to study with her. Over several years through this work and with Renee's gentle guidance, I grew from a timid, fledgeling chick to an empowered, soaring eagle woman. I danced through many life events including my transition into marriage and through my pregnancy, really embracing and deepening my conscious connections and experiences of joy and ecstasy of these moments. This work has taught me to tune into my subtle, innate feminine gifts and share them from a heartcentered, creative place. It has taught me to enjoy life and celebrate through my body, emotions, passion and wildness, in alignment with my soul. Renee serves as a living example of the Goddess embodied. She shares her experience from a place of devotion to elevating women to their unique place of authenticity, power and divinity. Jai Shakti!"
˜ Abby Queal
Kundalini Yoga Instructor

"Revolutionary Radiance with Renee Jeffus was an incredible, amazing, heart-opening experience for me. I truly felt for the first time what it was like to be fully present and appreciative of my body as a woman. We get so caught up in our busy lives that it is easy to forget to take the time to be with ourselves and fully present in all of our power. The love and support I felt the whole way through the program helped give me a safe place to explore, let go and transcend past my comfort zones and into a place of growth and pure inner radiant beauty with myself. Revolutionary Radiance was a beautiful journey and life changing experience!"
˜ Melissa Kelly
Raven Dawn Photography

"Renee's Revolutionary Radiance program entered my life at such a perfect time, I was feeling lost and unsure of the next step on my path. The one on one sessions with Renee and the beautiful, strong community of women who came together each week in vulnerability and fierceness, inspired and reminded me of long held truths, once known and temporarily forgotten. Throughout the program and ever since I have had an easier time grounding, delving, healing and truly tapping into the divine feminine within and calling upon her deep wisdom to guide me through the difficulties and uncertainties. I have forged ongoing friendships and sisterhood with several of my fellow revolutionaries. I whole-heartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking to recall her divine power and path through the connection with her femininity."
˜ Amber Aldrich
Healer and Seeker of Truth

Renee Jeffus

Renee Jeffus is a Shamanic Priestess, Women's Transformational Life Coach and Devoted Mama of three. She is the founder and director of The Revolutionary Radiance Movement where she supports women, all over the world through various programs and events, in discovering and living from their true feminine essence, sacred sensuality, authentic beauty and embodied power. Renee spent many years as an outwardly successful but deeply conflicted model who was known for her Cover Girl Cosmetics campaigns in the 80s and 90s. She then left the business on a powerful healing quest to reclaim her life and to remember her Divinity. This deep inner quest for wholeness and healing blossomed into her life mission of supporting other women in living their fullest, most expressive and empowered lives. Renee is a certified Herbalist and Connected Wellness Practitioner, an Energetic and Shamanic Healer, Tantra Educator, Tantric Dance Teacher, Speaker and Author. She brings her wise woman wisdom, her deep heart compassion and her radiant power in service to humanity's great awakening during these revolutionary times.

If you feel inspired~ share this message and the invitation to this revolution with your beloved sisters so we can support women in their fullest blooming for the benefit of all! Who in your heart circle would you love to take such a journey with? May this day be full of grace, beauty and magic for you my friend and I look forward to diving into the luscious depths of the sacred feminine with you!

In loving service,

Renee Jeffus
Shamanic Priestess
Women's Transformational Life Coach
Author and Visionary Leader


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