Revolutionary Radiance

ReneeDon’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”― Howard Thurman 

Revolutionary Radiance is a powerful movement where you are the leader in your own revolution, joining women all across the world as we awaken to profound self-love and passionate living. A revolution of how we live and view ourselves, how we value ourselves as women. It is time for each of us to rewrite the rules of how we behave, how we live, how we love. I invite you to join me in this revolution as we radically shift what it means to be a woman and embody the depths and vastness of woman in her glorious Totality. Let us discover all the richness of our feminine nature, all the magic and mystery as we reclaim our birthright of freedom and true happiness. Together as sisters all across this great mother earth we will rise together for the betterment of all, bringing the full beauty, strength and passion of Woman as a revolutionary force of love and healing.

The Dalia Lama said that it will be the western woman that will save the world and I absolutely believe that it is true. The return of the Divine Feminine is all around us and each of us have the seed of a new world waiting to be birthed and nurtured thru us. What is your life’s deepest calling…. What longs to be birthed thru you…what dream has been silently, patiently waiting to be made manifest by the power of your loving awareness and attention?

It is time my dear sister for you to be the champion of your heart’s true calling. It is time my dear friend for you to unshackle the bonds that have you playing small and shrinking back.

Cultivating your unique beauty, deep passions and true brilliance thru radical self love is the greatest contribution you can make in this world during these powerful and transformative times. 

 I know you care deeply about the world and have powerful desires to affect great change. You want to help bring this world deeper into the heart and spirit and create greater balance while ALSO living true to who you are and creating the most beautiful, abundant and passionate life for yourself.

Join me in this radical revolution of our deepest hearts and awaken your true radiance…it is time my sister…it is time.