I was delighted to be a guest on Kara Maria Ananda’s Divina Podcast show sharing about Revolutionary Radiance and how we as women can be more empowered in our lives.

From Kara~

“I am so thrilled to share with you today my first guest on the Divina Radio Show & Podcast – the inspirational¬†Renee Jeffus! She’s a former teen Cover Girl model who is a rising force for real embodied natural beauty in the world.

Renee is now leading the Revolutionary Radiance movement to help women to feel and live from their true feminine essence and sensuality without shame, through radical self-love and stepping into our innate power and authentic beauty.

You are definitely going to feel empowered and moved by listening to Renee’s story of her journey as a model, woman, and mother finding her path and passion to uplift women today.”

Follow this link to listen in as we explore womanhood together and make sure to visit to see more of what Kara is sharing in the world with her heart driven work for feminine empowerment.