Costa Rica Reteat

A Luscious Week of Embodying your Authentic Beauty, True Power & Radical Self Love with an Intimate Group of Women in the Jungle!

Join Renee Jeffus, Shamanic Priestess and Woman’s Transformational Life Coach, for 7 days of luscious nourishment and divine feminine activation. This week-long, exclusively for women , immersion is being held at one of the most beautiful eco-luxury private retreats in the world on 40 acres of tropical jungle in Costa Rica.

The Revolutionary Radiance Retreat  Costa Rica •  January 11-17, 2015

This is your revolution, my dear sister…to come fully ALIVE as an Embodied, Empowered and Radiant Woman. It is time for you to fully discover all the riches of your feminine nature, all the magic and mystery as you reclaim your birthright of freedom and true happiness. Together as sisters we rise for the betterment of all, bringing the full beauty, strength and passion of Woman as a Revolutionary Force of love and healing.

This Revolutionary Radiance Retreat is designed to support the Awakening of the Divine Feminine within the heart, body, and spirit of YOU with the remembering and reclaiming that we are all Holy Embodiments of the Divine and that you have direct access to your greatest wisdom, love and pleasure within your very own Being. Most of this discovery work will be thru experiential practices that personally clear and awaken those channels and give you a deeper realization of your Shakti and inherent Holy nature.


We will have 4-5 hours a day of embodiment practices, circle talks, and group sessions while still allowing plenty of free time for you to explore Costa Rica’s gorgeous nature, lounge on the beach, have a private Feminine Radiance photo shoot or undulge with personal wellness services (massage, spa treatments etc.) and rest for personal integration time.

Many of photos of the beautiful Costa Rica landscapes and structures on this page are of the beautiful retreat center The Sanctuary at Two Rivers that we are blessed to be exclusively having as our Sacred Temple Space for our luscious week together. We will be immersing ourselves in the Beauty and Power of Woman through sacred movementreconnection rituals with mother earthpowerful initiations and the healing and holy field of sisterhood.

Lucinda Rae, Personal Brand Mentor and Feminine Radiance photographer extraordinaire, will be guest facilitating us in an exploration around healing visibility issues and our fear of being seen in our full feminine radiance and power, and how to use divine play and photography to love and accept ourselves more to shine and be an inspiring feminine leader in the world.



This life changing retreat will flow with ease to nurture and  nourish your deep femininity and includes Tantric Dance, Para Tan, Priestess Arts, Ancient Tantra, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Shakti Flow movement classes, Meditation, Vision Work, Breath work, Returning to the Mother nature explorations, Sacred Waters explorations, Ceremony/Ritual and Powerful Initiations.

sanctuary-yoga-pagoda-1_0 My intention and commitment is that you will leave this weeklong retreat feeling more alive, deeply relaxed and radically radiant in your full feminine power. My prayer is that this exquisite state of Being and Living will integrate into your life by your continued practice of these life changing tools and practices that we will be playing with while on our retreat together. This Revolutionary Radiance Retreat is designed to gift you with an unforgettable experience of the beauty and joy of being a deeply Embodied and Alive Woman and will change your life forever

Renee Jeffus

Photo of Renee Jeffus by Lucinda Rae

Retreat Investment Includes:

  • Seven Days Double-occupancy accomodation in Tropical Zen Modern Treehouse with ensuite bath
  • Three daily gourmet, organic, vegetarian or vegan, gluten free meals using mostly local ingredients with plentiful fresh juice and pure water
  • Open-air yoga/dance/meditation pavilion for group and private use.
  • Embodiment practices, group sessions, meditation offerings, and ceremonies.
  • Use of beautiful outdoor pool.
  • Guided nature walk and jungle hike to waterfalls on the property and secluded ocean beach.
  • Tea and pure water available throughout the day.
  • 13% Costa Rica taxes.

_pic2Retreat Investment does not include:

  • International Airfare
  • Domestic airfare/transfers to and from the Nicoya Peninsula
  • Optional additional wellness activities at the retreat center (massage, acupuncture, beauty treatments)
  • Optional excursions outside of retreat such as ziplines, horseback riding, snorkeling, surfing etc.
  • Tips, gratuities and items of a personal nature
  • Travel insurance (we highly recommend getting travel insurance before your departure)

Uplevel your Retreat Experience with a Feminine Radiance Photoshoot with Lucinda Rae! 

You will have luxuriously marinated in Renee’s sacred empowering practices, feeling enlivened and embodied, relaxed, juicy, and melted into your feminine essence — the perfect time to capture this radiance on-camera! Surrounded in tropical paradise lusciousness and deep experience, you will glow, you will radiate magnetism, and all that power will be captured with my camera for some unforgettable imagery.

Here are a few of examples of some of Lucinda Rae’s photography:

Lucinda Rae Photography

Lucinda Rae Photography

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? SHINE your radiance in the online world: 

If you desire to create a positive impact through your divine destiny and leave your legacy and use the power of your image to take you into the next level of your brand to:

  • Uplevel your website, social media presence and marketing materials with one-of-a-kind, magazine-quality photos of you
  • Heal your fear of being seen and shine confidently online to draw opportunities and more abundance to you
  • Unleash your sensuous self so your soulmate clients will be able to recognize and find you

Are you a mamma, luscious lover, or just want to celebrate self-love? SHARE your radiance in your personal life:

If you desire to capture precious moments in time to adorn your sacred space with beautiful imagery of YOU as the art:

  • Treasure this portrait photography of you as a lasting visual totem of this phase of your journey and forever capture your  retreat experience
  • Adorn your bedroom or sacred space with frameable, photography art of your feminine essence
  • Gift your Beloved and your Sacred Self unforgettable beauty and power

Let your inner and outer exotic goddess unfurl like the fragrant orchid to dance in your radiance and shine for all the jungle to see!

There are two Feminine Radiance Photoshoot options, see investment and sessions below. Sessions openings are limited to just 10 space and will be booked first come, first serve.

Contact Renee at
for more 
to schedule a 20-minute exploration call,
or to secure your reservation.

Your Guide for The Revolutionary Radiance Retreat:

Renee Jeffus Renee Jeffus is a Shamanic Priestess, Women’s Transformational Life Coach and Devoted Mama of three. She is the founder and director of The Revolutionary Radiance Movement where she supports women, all over the world through various programs and events, in discovering and living from their true feminine essence, sacred sensuality, authentic beauty and embodied power. Renee spent many years as an outwardly successful but deeply conflicted model who was known for her Cover Girl Cosmetics campaigns in the 80s and 90s.

She then left the business on a powerful healing quest to reclaim her life and to remember her Divinity. This deep inner quest for wholeness and healing blossomed into her life mission of supporting other women in living their fullest, most expressive and empowered lives. Renee is a certified Herbalist and Connected Wellness Practitioner, an Energetic and Shamanic Healer, Tantra Educator, Tantric Dance Teacher, Speaker and Author. She brings her wise woman wisdom, her deep heart compassion and her radiant power in service to humanity’s great awakening during these revolutionary times.

Your Photographer for The Revolutionary Radiance Retreat:

Lucinda Rae

Lucinda Rae is the Founder of Prosperity Branding where your highest calling merges with your feminine expression and online presence. She crafts visual brands from her Sacred Goddess Archetype process to create stunning websites including women’s portrait photography, artful visionary graphics coming together with strategic marketing to create an unforgettable and lucrative presence to make spiritual celebrities out of goddessprenuers and sister lightworkers.

Lucinda lives in the sunshiny cosmic hub of Ojai, California, where she loves being mamma to her lively boys,making goddess artwork, writing her continuously unveiling memoir, activating her inner priestess, and breaking between clients with wild feminine expression & belly dance moves.

As a special offer for the Revolutionary Radiance Retreat, Lucinda will be offering private Feminine Radiance photoshoots for the first 10 women to book (more details on this page.) You’ll have a 30- minute Skype session prior to the retreat for brainstorming creative flow and look of shoot in the lush jungle or around the retreat center. Choose the photoshoot package of your choice to capture your amazing retreat experience on camera — you in your full power to bring back from this embodied week-long experience to use in your personal life, or for your social media presence, visual brand and/or website. Learn more on this page and view samples of Lucinda’s photography work here:



Here are a few raving testimonials about The Two Rivers Sanctuary:

“Throughout my worldly travels, I’ve appreciated both the luxury of five-star accommodations and the beauty of submerging myself fully into the local culture. Almost invariably there exists a separation between the two. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a rare exception. The luxurious guest houses, yoga pagoda and swimming pool are nestled deep in the natural beauty of the Costa Rican jungle, and cocooned on both sides by lavish rivers housing some of the most majestic waterfalls I’ve ever seen. The Sanctuary offers the best of both worlds. In addition to the exquisite accommodations, the staff couldn’t have been more generous, the vegetarian cuisine more delectable, or my time more blessed and rejuvenating. There’s something profound about practicing yoga while howler monkeys swing through the jungle right before your eyes. I will undoubtedly return.”

~ Ryan Scott SeamanBodyworker and Astrologer at Transformational Bodywork(SM) and Astrology,


“The Sanctuary is a profound place for healing. Being on the land, is like staring in your own version of Avatar. My experience was filled with nature, beauty and adventure. Not only was the staff super accommodating, they provided amazing service, delicious food and activities designed to re-connect you with your inner wild. Dancing in the jungle surrounded by wild animals under an illuminated sky of dynamic stars.

~ Jaycee GossettDance Adventurer,


To learn more about The Sanctuary at Two Rivers go to


Investment in your Luscious Feminine-Self for the Retreat:

Full-pay option:

$1900 per person for double luxury accommodations with private bath

$2700 for single private luxury accommodations with private bath (SOLD OUT!)

FULL-PAY BONUS: If fully paid upon reservation, you will receive a bonus, private one-on-one Revolutionary Radiance Session ($297 value) with Renee either before (if time allows) or following the retreat

2-payment plan option:

$500 non-refundable deposit to hold reservation
Remainder due by Monday, December 22, 2014

Canceling within 60 days will result in 50% forfeiture. Canceling within 30 days will result in full forfeiture.Space is limited to 14 women so feel deep into your heart and soul, follow your bliss and reserve your sacred spot now if you feel the YES!

Investment for your Feminine Radiance Photoshoot Uplevel:

Choose your Feminine Radiance Photoshoot option:

This 1.5-hour power photoshoot includes:

  • 30 min Skype Strategy Session prior to retreat and shoot for creative expression, colors, styling ideas and to schedule slot at retreat
  • 1 Outfit & 1 Location
  • 1 Hour Shoot
  • 60 digital images to choose from
  • 10 retouched/edited photos


This 3-hour photoshoot includes:

  • 30 min Skype Strategy Session prior to retreat and shoot for creative expression, colors, styling ideas and to schedule slot at retreat
  • 2 Outfits & 1-2 locations (walk to beach option!)
  • 3 Hour Shoot
  • 80 digital images to choose from
  • 15 retouched/edited photos


Half-down non-refundable deposit to hold shoot reservation.

Contact Renee at
for more 
information, to schedule a 20-minute exploration call,
or to secure your reservation.

Give your deepest feminine essence the opportunity to feel what it feels like to come fully alive in your greatest radiance. Gift your life with the authentic, relaxed, open and expressive YOU that arises when given the chance to truly unwind and surrender into the beauty, pleasure and joy of life. This is your life…live it!

 “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman

We look forward to sharing this luscious, life changing, ecstatic experience with you my friend…

With Radiance,

Renee & Lucinda 

Lucinda Rae & Renee Jeffus


Praise for Renee:

DSC02109.73141049_std-150x150“Renee holds space with such sacred loving support that I was able to access and release energy blockages that were keeping me stuck in limitation and emotional pain. She helped me to awaken and embrace my authentic feminine nature as a Woman of the Goddess totally Empowered! Our work together opened me to feel and embody aliveness and celebrate sensual pleasure in a most beautiful way. Thank you Renee for sharing your wisdom of the Sacred Feminine with me. A beautiful empowering Shamanic Priestess you are!” ~ Maryanne Savino, Womb Priestess and Ritual Temple Dancer,


Praise for Lucinda:

Lisa“Lucinda revealed my essence through the most magical photographs I’ve ever had taken. She is simply amazing to work with. Honestly, you owe it to yourself to have a photo shoot with her at least once in your life. It’s a gift you’ll treasure forever. Thank you, precious Lucinda!” Lisa Michaels, Best-Selling Author & Goddess Mentor,