About Renee

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to BLOOM” ~Anais Nin

1501924_10151916549008768_314379525_nI have been working within the field of women’s empowerment for many years after a long journey (which magically still continues) of allowing my fullest Womanhood to blossom. This is of course our most important journey, the journey to one’s Authentic Self so we can truly share our unique gifts in service to ourselves,our families and this world.

Many years ago as a young girl, I jumped into the world of modeling (I was 14 my first trip to NYC). My career took off rather suddenly and I became the youngest face of Cover Girl Cosmetics.

I had previously lived an extremely sheltered, conservative, traditional mid-western life in Bellevue, NE in a Christian, military family. As you can only imagine these lives were worlds apart and my struggle as a young woman to form my identity was intense and painful, perhaps more so then most as the pressures to identify with pop culture’s ideas of woman were overbearing in the modeling world and nearly extinguished my own internal spirit. After 4 years of being under contract with Cover Girl and several years of alcohol and drug abuse, struggles with eating disorders and Mercury poisoning from bad dentistry, I slowly began to peel what was left of myself away from the business.

And so began a deep hunger and seeking for what it truly
means to be an embodied human and more specifically an authentic woman.

This search has taken me deep into the farthest recesses of my being, into the repressed shadows and the hidden guilts, into the lost dreams and soft urgings of my gut, all on a journey to find the true me. I have devoted my life to this discovery. This journey took me into great places and pursuits. I dove into my love of the earth and became
a certified Herbalist and shamanic healer. I studied relentlessly the natural ways I could regain my health and love my body back into wellness. I passionately explored the realms of love, intimacy and sacred sexuality and have been a Tantra teacher and Relationship/ Intimacy coach for many years. I have given countless years to the search for the goddess within myth and legends and have found her right here within my very own heart, body and soul.

Ultimately the place that I have been stretched the most into the embodiment of the Living Goddess is thru the dance of relationship with and my natural ecstatic home births of my three children and the subsequent alternative raising and devoted loving of them. The incredible devotion, the profound surrender, the challenge to remain a full woman in the face of the demands of motherhood, the fierce protector, the unconditional love, the fear of being judged for my alternative ways with my children, the overwhelmed and often stretched to the max modern woman, the heart that would do anything for their well being: these have all been the transformative fires that have burnished me into the full-bodied, gloriously empowered, and radiantly alive woman I am today.

This Living Goddess, this authentic Woman, so passionately wishes to see other women claim their birthrights of full, joyous, empowered and juicy lives. I truly believe that the gift of being fully embodied as a Living Goddess is the greatest gift that we women can give to our Beloveds, our children and ultimately this world. This is the medicine that is needed so desperately everywhere….the return of the love, reverence, honoring and complete embracing of the Goddess in her Totality.


I have felt and seen now for many years how my own journey
and the passion with which I burn helps other women in their own search for understanding, healing and ultimately their fullest blossoming. I have been sharing an incredibly powerful practice called Tantric Dance that was created many years ago by Vajra Ma and shared with me by my teacher Loraia Ward. This is a practice of gathering with small circles of women and diving deep thru profound presence, sensory awareness, deep surrender, conscious womb-sourced movement, the full welcoming of all that arises, and the creation of sacred space with our sisters. This magic and dive into the Mystery inevitably leads us Home.

This has been my primary practice for many years and has been the most direct path to my true essence that I have found. I have been holding circles with this work and the many other empowerment tools I incorporate (breath work, energetic healing, shamanic healing, Goddess mythology, The Living Goddess Tradition of Ancient Tantra, Para Tan Sound Healing, life coaching, spiritual guidance, ecstatic dance etc.) now for over a decade.

In addition to these women’s circles, I also lead free-form dance events, Awakening to Love Pujas, Para Tan Sound Healing circles and a variety of other community events around the US.  I have ongoing programs both local and global that are designed to guide people deep into their hearts, so as to align with their greatest self.

I have great visions of where I desire to take this work and feel confident in the gifts that I am blessed to share. It is my desire to be a part of the global network of people working to create radical and revolutionary change in the world thru the activation of Shakti and the Divine Feminine energies, the empowerment of the Authentic Sacred Masculine and the Re-Union of God and Goddess in harmony, joy and pleasure. I believe we the people are the greatest untapped power potential in the world and devote myself to the awakening and full embodiment of that power for the good of all and in service of Love.