Join this Revolution based on women stepping into our full power, authentic beauty and radical self love. From this place of embodied, heart centered, soul driven power we will rock the world for positive change! Click here To Learn more about  REVOLUTIONARY RADIANCE and get the specifics on Renee’s Upcoming Offerings, Events and Workshops, Or check her Event Calendar for Weekly and Monthly Offering in the Community.

Revolutionary Radiance begins March 23rd, 2020…visit my work with Renee page for me info and to join this deep, immersive program designed to awaken you to your full power, authentic beauty and radical self love.

My mission is to bring the message of the Living Goddess Path and Revolutionary Radiance to women all around the world and to share the practices and pathways to fully embody the awakened Feminine in our living body temples, recognizing that this is the way we can most serve the world and bring about massive change on the planet. Ultimately this message is for everyone- men, women, children, young and old as the awakening of Woman in her Glorious Totality is of critical importance to the rebalancing and healing of our collective humanity.”